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Mangalore trip on October 2012

Mangalore trip on October 2012

We (Panchapi Chittappa, Jaya chiti, Kanakapatti, govindan mama, viji patti,karthi,Vanchi, Vidya, Akshaya, Gayathri, Bhavani, Srinath, Srinidhi & myself) went to the below temples. We hired a Mini bus to travel around Mangalore. Perday Rs 4000/- + 300 driver batta.
For the 4 days we paid 17200/- for the travel. Food & lodge charges 7000/- We booked to and fro train tickets to mangalore. Enroute viji patti family joined us in payanur.Our train schedule to reach 8.30 at Mangalore reached 9.30, one hour late. Our travels bus was waiting outside so we went and settled in bus. From here kukke subramanya is 100 km.

Kukke Subramanya

We reached river ghat at 11.30 had a bath in the kumaradhara river and Went to kukke Subramanya. It is very famous for sarpa dosha. Small temple with fewer crowds. So we had good darshan. Two Five head snake sitting on top of the other on top of it arumugan is sitting in peacock. He adorned silver kavasha. So we can able to see clearly the base snakes. Waited in a queue and had Lunch. In all Karnataka temples we went we had lunch & dinner in the temple, it is free. We have to appreciate Karnataka temples for three things.

  • 1) Free food (lunch & dinner) few places breakfast too.
  • 2) Clean Toilet facilities near temple free of cost.
  • 3) Lodging facilities by temples with very less cost.

Next we visited adi Subramanya nearby. No crowd. Had a darshan. kumaradhara river flows outside this temple. So spend some time in the river. Only little water flows here. Drizzling stated we ran to catch the bus but the rain is faster than us trenched all of us


It is very famous temple in this area. Ganapathy is in open area. There is no compont wall for him. He told not to constract any wall for him in a dream. Rain or shine it’s directly affects ganapthy.

Dharmasthala – Manujunatha swamy.

Very famous temple. 2 or 3 hours we have to wait in a queue to have a darshan. Lord shiva in linga rupa. adorned gold kavacha. so easily visible. had a good darshan. went to dining hall. it was very big.approximately 30 rows. each row can accommodates 50 - 60 person.

once a row and opposite row completed the volunteers start to serve us. the speed of the servicing person is very good. seeing the person and serve the food. it is nice to watch it. one by one comes in an order like an army parade. everyone enjoyed and filled our stomach with good food. we waited for few minutes and watch the service persons cleaning styles

Horanadu Annapoorani
Morning 7.00 am we started from Dharmastala for horanadu reached at 11.00. bus goes via the forest area. The scenery on both side capture our eyes. Green trees are the feast to our eyes. small waterfalls in few places.

Had a god darshan. Ambal was in standing position, adorned gold kavacha. before the big deity a small annapoori was there. But I am not able to find her. The big and small garlands covered her. It is not crowded only few peoples on that day for darshan, so we went 2 or 3 times. We wanted to have lunch here. So we told lalitha sahasranama then had a good lunch
Had a small shopping. Coffee power was very famous we also purchased it. stated to sringeri at 2.30

Sringeri- Sharadhambal

Reached sringeri at 4.30. Sringeri saradha temple is on the banks of thungabatra river. The water was very clear. The fishes are big. Some devotes throw foods to fishes. The shiva temple in the complex is treat for art lovers the design sculpture are very good. one mandapam adi sankara story was depicted. The rain also came with us here we all wet enjoyed in drenching in rain.We had a good darshan of Sharadhambal. She was in thanga kavacha. 1000 years old mandabam is here.

Kollur Moogambigai
We reached kollur at 8.30. the temple was closed. We stayed in Yamuna vihar near temple. We had a bath in Sowparnika river in the morning. Then went to temple. Rain was very heavy so we just stayed inside the temple and had another chance to have adarshan of kollur moogambigai. It is in Kodachadri hills. It is believed adi sanakara brought the moogabigai from the top of the hill to bottom of the hill. hence most of the people can have a darshan of devi moogambiga.

we started at 6.30 to murudeswara. Enroute the bus traveled in 14 hair pin bends. the route full of greenery the backwater and small canals or more in the route. reached at 10.00.

The temple is in arabian sea. The gopuram is the tallest one. Beating srirangam temple gopuram. The lift facilities are available to go upstairs the lift moves each floor in 3 seconds. So less than 1 minute. We will be at the top. Enjoyed the sea from the top. The big shiva is another attraction. Rain was stated. We stayed in mandapam for few minutes then while drenching in the rain walked towards big shiva. Here Ravana story is depicted. Everyone watched with the thrill. It was very good.

Anegudde Sri Vinayaka temple

It is very beautiful and famous temple. Vinayaka in standing form having four arms.


In udpi we saw two shiva temples near krishna temple. First we went to shiva tempels. Then we saw udupi krishna.

Kattil Durga

Very beautiful temple like island water is covered in all sides.

Nandini river sound welcomes us once we enter into temple.

It is like a nandini river hugging the mother kattel durgaparameswari.

Kadri Manjunath

It is a very big temple. In the backside we have to climb 20- 30 steps to see the 7 scared ponds. In another side we climbed to see the Kasi viswanath. There is a Small spring water flows from here it is called Gomugha. we have to take the water and do the abishekam for the Kasi shiva. kids enjoyed this by doing 2 or 3 times. In another side we climbed to see the Hanuman.
Hanuman is very tall approximatlty 40 ft.


When we entered the temple, molastan was closed it will be open only at 12 o’clock. So we waited for some time. The temple moolastan is closed after 10am. Open at 12 to 1 pm for noon aarthi. We are in a dilemma to wait or move. Then we decided to have some food in the near by hotel. Had some food and came back at 12. The Mangaladevi was in sitting posture. She is holding Counch and chakra as Vishnu durga.

Description Arrival Departure
Mangalore Railway station 9.30 AM
Kukue Subramanya 11.30 AM 2.00 PM
Southadka - mahaganapathi Temple 3.30 PM 4.00 PM
Dharmasthala – Manujunatha swamy 6.00 PM
Night Halt @ Dharmasthala
Start From Dharmastala 7.00 AM
Horanadu Annapoorani 11.00 AM 2.30 PM
Sringeri saradha temple  4.30 PM 5.30 PM
Kollur Moogambigai 8.30 PM
Night Halt @ Kollur
Kollur Moogambigai 6.30 AM
Murudeeswara 10.00 AM 1.00 PM
Anegudde Sri Vinayaka temple 3.00 PM 3.30 PM
Udupi  5.00 PM
Night Halt @ Udupi
Udupi  7.00 AM
Kattil Durga 8.00 AM 9.30 AM
Kadri Manjunath Temple:  10.00 AM 10.40 AM
Mangaladevi 11.30 AM 12.15PM
Mangalore Railway station 12.30PM


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  2. Thank you Raju.
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