Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ujjain Mahakaleswar & Omkareshwar Jothirling darshan - Part 2

30-04-17 Sunday

Early morning 12AM all woke up and taken bath in the room. rushed to the basma aarthi queue.we have taken rental cups for abishekam.
In the counter they check all aadhar card and entry slips. Then allowed us in the queue. before us 100 -150 person are there. 
We half slept in the queue.few were chanting mantra.Sharp 4AM TV sets are ON. the queue started moving. Room is vibrated with HARA HARA MAHADEV HARA HARA MAHADEV" in the slope every one was running, person in the corner advice us to come fast.i just filled water in my jug and rushed to the mahakal karpa grigham poured water on mahakal with my son srinath
the persons are telling quick & quick. after our turn. only few are allowed.only 30 minutes allowed for abhishekam we are fortune to do the abishekam. W sit in the hall.earlier lot of peoples are sitting there.
we also went and seated where ever the small gap is available. Then priest done the milk abihsekam & curd abishekam.
then priest done the decoration on linga, then covered with small cloth. started applying basha the fast he moves his hand the basma flows more, after that he removed the cloth. the Shiva was fully covered with basma.
then aarthi started he moved the aarthi several times and went inside done aarthi for kali. come back and done aarthi for nandhi.
finally all lights are swiched off the aarthi was done to basma shiva for long time. it was pin drop silence. then bells started ringging, Persons started clapping. the place is vibrating with "HARA HARA MAHADEVA"
After few minutes the lights came. aarthi stopped. all got up from there place and slowely moved out.

Then we came to room and packed the bags and vacated the rooms. setted in 2 cars tavera & Ertiga.Time was 7:30
we have refreshed in the middle of our journey with Poha & tea.
we reached Mandasaur Pasupathinath temple at 10:30. It was a time for Sringar & bhog time so waited and watched both. the prayer at the time of Sringar was known to all person in the place so they enjoyed reciting it.
then with Pursha stutha sringar was done we also joined in the recitation.
the Main priest comes with food for Bhog. he went inside the doors are closed.
the big drums and big thalams are beated heavely & rthymly. at a pause all recited "Hara Hara Mahadev"
the vibration in the place was spell bounding. then aarthi done for pasupathi nath. then we toched prayed & touched the pasupathi nath. 

Started to Omkareshwar time was 11:30
Around 3PM we stopped for lunch went to Omkareshwar around 5PM.
Hired a boat to cross the river to get the darshan of is just oppsite side. Approximate 50 steps to reach the Omkareshwar. while walking the step there is one samll cave. in that only Adishankarar met his guru Govindapada. Guru given Sanyasa to him.  Omkareswar lingam is small decorated well and protected with Glass. it is very  good.

The above one is a small water stream flows to Narmadai n the boat ghat. A small shiva is there.  

Above is the Omkareshwar temple from Boat view

then we came in the same boat and visited Mumleswar.

Then return to Indore stayed at Hotel samrat. for two cabs we have paid 7500/- per cab and 15000/- for two cabs.

01-05-17 Monday

Went to local visit. went to vaishnavi devi temple & annapoorani temple returned to hotel. vacated room at 1 PM and went to railway station for 4:40PM train.(22645-Ahilya Nagari SF Express)
taken lunch near railway station. packed for night also.
taken mango juice it was very tasty.

train started perfect 4:40 PM. train was late between 30  to 50 minutes  but reached Chennai  central 10 min before schedule arrival 11:10 PM. we are happy and taken one fast track cab and reached and 11:50 PM home.
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Ujjain Mahakaleswar & Omkareshwar Jothirling darshan - Part1